2059 Speculative Peculiars


speculative peculiars

Futureology is going strong lately.  2059 Speculative Peculiars is initiated by Femke Lutgerink en Partizan Publik Urgestein Christiaan Fruneaux. The series is an imaginary and visionary glance at the future of urban landscapes. It is an interdisciplinary program about the possible and the impossible, the politics, subcultures, developments and conventions that will govern and shape Amsterdam and Montreal 50 years from now.
Speculative Peculiars wants to explore how we’ll live, work and socialize in the future. What kind of places we would frequent and what kind of people we would meet. It wants to map how we would give meaning to our surroundings.

The second edition will take off next Sunday, October 4 th, at 4 pm at the Sid Lee Collective Canteen Gallery featuring

Edwin Gardner: architect, web-editor and theorist working for Volume/Archis and Partizan Publik.
Rutger Groot Wassink: policy advisor on labour market and social security at FNV vakcentrale and fraction chairman of Groen Links in Amsterdam Westerpark.
Liedewij Loorbach: freelance journalist.
Daniela Bershan: artist.

And what about future lingua? Our ‘Dichter des Vaderlands’, National Poet Ramsey Nasr wrote a poem called mi have a droom, a poem about his city Rotterdam in 2059. Is it Dutch? Yes, no, a bit…Check it yourself.

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