Moving Movement


We haven’t been posting for a while right now,  and the same will be true for most of august. This is mainly due to our insatiable need for holiday. But also, after the well deserved holiday break, our office will be moving to this great new location in the Tolhuistuin (former Shell headquarters), right behind Amsterdam Central Station. We are very excited and looking forward to move into the Staalvilla, which is the former cooperate hospital of the Shell Foundation, together with exciting co-inhabitants like Archis, Golfstromen and many more.
But this whole holiday thing is not to say that our primary drifts are satisfied, even if we are not working, working. Just a few weeks ago Joost bought this huge good old German bus, which is right now located directly at the IJ in Amsterdam and turning slowly into a workplace-hangout-garden-apartment. Just a small bike ride north, I bought this allotment-garden-290 square meter-playground which hopefully is turning more and more into a small Freistaat during the summer.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress.

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