New York City Street Design Approach

The New York City Department of Transportation has recently published a street design manual, which in essence is a collection of patterns intended to be implemented throughout the city state in similar ways. Under the lead of transportation commissioner and traffic anti-planner Janette Sadik-Khan, who the NY Magazine describes as a mixture in equal parts between Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses, the New York streets have during the last two years undergone a small scale revolution. The approach is strongly influenced by the work of Jan Gehl, who is the author of Life between Buildings (1971) and Public Spaces, Public Life (1996).

The manual advocates a move away from a car oriented to a pedestrian oriented inner city design through promotion of ,for instance, urban cycling and the expanded use of full sidewalks. This uniform pattern language reminds me in some ways of ISOTYPE developed by Otto Neurath en Gerd Arntz. On Streetsblog you can view the implementation throughout New York in real time.

via emergenturbanism


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