Mapping positiv social change

Creating maps is a fine way to cluster information and data and make it visualy accessible for third parties. Along the way we already learned about the Complex History of Sustainability, Emotional Cartography and how to envision your research area through Mental Maps.  Recently, another application was developed from designer John Brennan. With his live map of positiv social change he won the Social Actions Change the Web Challenge.  As PSFK explains, with the Social Actions API, which aggregates social action data from over 50 nonprofit and change organization sources, Brennan has created geographical context around that activity in the hopes of sparking people’s desire to join in. His goal is to create a compelling presentation where people can be excited about all of the work that is happening around the world to make it a better place.

via PSFK
via PSFK

The Social Actions API aggregates every hour information from over 50 online platforms to map the activities from all the agents of change throughout the web. The data is then run through an entity extractor and a geocoder to extract location information and get the corresponding point for the map. The map is hosted on, another initiative from Brennan which brakes down small ways to improve life around the globe.


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  1. John Brennan says:

    Thanks for blogging this guys! I was actually just in Europe a few months ago… got as close to Amsterdam as Koln, but never quite made it to The Netherlands yet. Looking forward to going sometime soon I hope!

    Because of the response I’m growing this idea with the hopes of delivering a more transparent and engaging application for NGOs to have at their disposal. There are so many amazing orgs doing great things, but for one reason or another many go unnoticed.

    More on that here:


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