Velocommerce: bike based trade

I just came across a great idea which was part of the City Eco Lab at the Biennale internatinale design 2008 in Saint Etienne. John Thackara from doors of perception was the curator of the exibition. He asked the guys from velowala from the Walhalla of bike-based commerce, India, to contribute with an installation to make bike-based commerce also salonfähig for an European audience. French based QooQ developed Le Cargo LCV for the exibition:

via les couriers verts
via les couriers verts


And the trade has some obvious advantages. Bike-based comerce is 100% green, a likely solution to the annoying daily inner city traffic jams in Amsterdam (we are biking anyway) and elsewhere and opens up a universe of activities, products, services, design, economy and humanity that is mobile using bicycles. But there’s more to it: The interesting thing about being on a bicycle is that it immediately frees you as an entrepreneur from the shackles of immovable real estate. Velocommerce is all about the mobility of property, and it challenges notions of ownership and private capital.

Or as G.K. Chesterton, one of the brains behind the idea of distributism, put it:

To much capitalism does not mean too many capitalists, but too few capitalists.

It is also  interesting because it exists at the intersection of entrepreneurship, mobility, sustainability, grassroots innovation, cultures, local economies and decentralized, last-mile service delivery.


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