Project: 49 cities

More control, more monumental, more effective or taller, denser, greener. Throughout history architects and planners have dreamed of ‘better’ and ‘different’ cities. The 49 cities project is reviewing the history of utopian urbanism, all the way from the Roman City up to the great utopian projects of the 20th century. What if these radical plans and visions would have been implemented? How would our cities look like? And what inspiration can we draw from these past practices now the suburban dream is imploding, global laissez-faire capitalism is breaking down and  our sustainable strategies aren’t sufficent?


49 cities aims to reread these projects and place them within a larger historical framework. The result is a claim to re-engage cities as the site of radical thinking and experimentation. Click here to download a free 20 page sample of their utopian city cataloge.


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