Provocation, Information, Facilitation!

After another month of hard work and research, the students presented the results of the third section of Social Engineering in the Amsterdam Metropole. The section was called ‘strategies for intervention’ and our students did come up with a whole spectrum of innovative strategies for tackling the wicked problems they are dealing with.

Here are some of the results presented:

Project ‘Overhoeks/ Van der Pek’:

Integration reversed: The idea is to set up an integration program for middle class newcomers to the recently developed Overhoeks district. The program is focusing on history, habits and people of Amsterdam Noord and the neighbouring district Van der Pek . The course will be set up and taught in cooperation with the local community. Through this, important information can be distributed through informal channels and exchange between newcomers and the local community is facilitated.

case 'Overhoeks/ vd Pek'
case ‘Overhoeks/ vd Pek’

Floating Market: The idea is to transform the physical barrier (water, channel) between the two neighboorhoods into a place where people meet. On the basis of an economic-recreational  impuls people are brought together and exchange is again being facilitated.

Project ‘Addicted to the City’:

The students presented an incredible detailed analyses of the complex arena and the relationships they have been investigating.  To remind you: Their task is to facilitate the implementation of a shelter for homeless and addict people in Amsterdam Noord. For the first time all key players on the issue, addicts, homeless, politicians, housing cooperations, police, neighboorhoods, local media…you name it, have been brought into the picture and tested if their attitudes on the issue and their intiatives are bulletproof for the tasks to come. What they found was a severe lack of communication between the different players, after all. Their strategy towards intervention is consisting of a kind neighboorhood contract based on information and communication.

via foodgrainbank
via foodgrainbank

Project ‘Doing Green’:

On the basis of the results presented from the first two sections the projectgroup developed a multi-level scenario for their intervention to come. One scenario is centered around the concept of the ‘Table of Noord’. The idea is to place a gigantic table in the park where people can come together and events can take place. Another scenario is creating attention through ‘orchestrated provocation’. Blokking bike routes to get people in the park, announcing the cutting of trees to get people involved out of resistance or breaking through the nearby dam to ‘increase visibility’. The last scenario is based on strategic information concerning parts of the new and the old park at the same time through different kinds of media. For example, they proposed setting up a webcam where people from their homes can at any time see what’s going on in the park.


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