‘Emotional Cartography’ with biometric data

As a follow up on our earlier post on mental mapping we came across this publication of artist, educator and designer Christian Nold. He launched a book called ‘Emotional Cartography-Technologies of the Self’ where he collected essays from artists, neuroscientists, futurologists, designers and cultural researchers to investigate the social, political and cultural implications of visualising biometric data using technology. The book is published under a creative common license and is free for download.

via popupcity
via popupcity
via biomapping.net
via biomapping.net

The pictures above are belonging to the emotion map of Kensington. As part of the Bio Mapping project, which investigates the implications of technologies that can record, visualise and share which each other intimate body-states, the map shows different forms of emotional arousal. The ‘Galvanic Skin Response’¬† (GSR) is a simple indicator of emotional arousal. Through GPS the data can be geo-located and these terrific maps are the result.

via popupcity


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