going local: mental mapping

Last week the students presented their results from the ‘going local’ section of the interdisciplinary minor ‘Social Engineering in the Amsterdam Metropole’. After having aquired a global insight in the practice of social engineering in the first section, it was now time to get to know their own research field from the inside out. They were asked to develop a local perspectieve on the case, build up their own network of relevant actors, shareholders and dissidents and ‘go local’ for real. In the proces of mapping their subjective findings they were during three weeks guided and assisted by Jan Rothuizen.

Here are some of the results presented @ Febolab:

case 'addicted to the city'

social facilities map: the map shows the dispersion of the existing social facilities across Amsterdam. note: the students are investigating the possibilities for the northern area of town.


case 'doing green'
case 'doing green'

green vinger map‘: the map is capturing differences in visibility of the park from the surrounding neighborhoods. from a grassroots perspective the students mapped different perceptions and usages of the area, as well as the different functions the park has for the people who live there.

other aspects during this territorial investigation have been alternative forms of recreation, litter, sports and dog excrements.


case 'overhoeks vd pek'
case 'overhoeks vd pek'

picture map: the map intends to capture as many open observations of the two neighboring districts as possible. The students came up with a extensive overview of users and usage. Further more they concluded with some interesting observations:

– ‘recreational segregation’: if people have free time, they won’t spend it together

– ‘the concrete neighborhood’ vs. ‘green city at the sea’

In the next section of the program the students are developing different strategies towards a concret intervention at the end of the program.


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